are you selfish like me?

sometimes  pray for selfish things.

everything to work out

it begins to feel like my birthday wishlist.

what i really wish for is that next time i go to God, i would spend more time leaning into Him, hanging on His every word, less time telling Him about what i want or need (as if He doesn’t already know those things).

what do you think?  do you ever pray selfish prayers?


6 responses

  1. I do pray for myself. Often. And perhaps it is selfish. But, I don’t necessarily consider it a bad thing. Just because God knows all about you doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to hear you talk about your needs, dreams, fears, and desires. I think of it, like, my parents (and my friends) like to enter into conversation with me about those things, so why should it be that we wouldn’t feel comfortable talking with God about what is going on in our heads and hearts, even if he does know it already.

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