time out

taking a time out from this space, giving tumblr a try.
no real reason, maybe because this place has become stagnant and i need something new.
i have nothing against wordpress, i’ve always been quite a fan.
just need a change.

check it out:  http://watapaching.tumblr.com/


2 minutes

best 2 minutes of my day:

walking out of church, robbie finds me from kids church, warps his arms around my waist and doesn’t let go until we get to the car.

stone mountain birthday

took the guys to stone mountain to celebrate edmund’s birthday.
we had a blast.

we rode the tram to the top of the rock.  walked around a bit.
joanna took some family photos.

then we circled everyone up and broke out the sparkling grape juice, the birthday party hats and noise makers.
we took turns going around the circle sharing a cool thing about edmund and toasted to him with our sparkling juice.
then we sang happy birthday.
very loudly.
on top of the rock.

this event called for brownies.  thank you, joanna.

then we rode down to watch the laser show.
ps:  i love fireworks!

the yucky place

there’s a place that’s yucky.
i don’t like it.
it’s a really really small space stuck between control and surrender.
it’s dangerous to teeter on either side.

give up.
white flag.
allow God to work in my life.
let God be God.

but no.
don’t be apathetic.
don’t be lazy & uninvolved.  and definitely don’t behave entitled.

it seems sinful to sit back and not participate, nearly gluttonous.
it seems sinful to get involved.

try harder.
don’t try at all.

i’m somewhere in the middle.   but, my footing is not sure.

beautiful story

Meet Virgina Campbell.  Virginia is 99-years-old, and she has glaucoma.  Being a once avid reader, her glaucoma has made her unable to read, at least to the extent that she used to.   When the iPad came out, her daughter and son-in-law bought one for her, and it has been life changing for Virginia.  Because of the ability to read iBooks and adjust the font size, Virginia can once again read, and even write.

first steps

steven and i are taking our first steps on a brand new path…
i am…

… excited
… giddy
… scared
… humbled
… full of questions
… proud
… emotional
… expectant
… cautious
… bursting
… anxious
… eager
… passionate
… inspired
… grateful
… petrified
… alive
… worried

yes, i really do feel all those things… sometimes all at the same time.  and sometimes that makes me feel exhausted.

are you selfish like me?

sometimes  pray for selfish things.

everything to work out

it begins to feel like my birthday wishlist.

what i really wish for is that next time i go to God, i would spend more time leaning into Him, hanging on His every word, less time telling Him about what i want or need (as if He doesn’t already know those things).

what do you think?  do you ever pray selfish prayers?

baby brown

in the next month or so, i’ll be the godmother of 2 kids.  tomorrow we are gathering for lunch in honor of tanya (who needs to get back to blogging).  baby brown arrives sometime toward the end of april.  very excited for tanya and troy.  can’t wait to see tan’s world rocked upside down.

can’t wait to tell the kid there’s no santa claus
can’t wait to buy him/her really noisy and annoying toys
can’t wait to introduce sugar and caffeine to the little tyke
can’t wait to teach him/her how to prank the parents